You're going to paint it PURPLE?, My Garden Blog

My Garden Nursery, Bellingham

I picked the purple color for the store and barn by accident. The color chip just jumped into my hand. I asked Mill and other helpers, Leslie and Mcgee about the color and they all said yes but had the look of "you are crazy" Mill and I painted a small area and let it dry and then decided to go for it. He told me later he really wasn't so sure about it... 

We heard from the neighborhood, people liked it and as we painted more and more purple people started saying they loved it! 

Met with Caleb, from Stoutcraft Construction. He was on time, reasonably priced, and so thoughtful about how we would accomplish all the things we needed to in the small amount of time we had. He was busy with other things but was able to get everything done to make the store look amazing and did it in a highly skilled and professional way. 

He will be working on phase #2, the coffee stand as soon as we get permit etc. YES, some day coffee at My Garden Bellingham!